Sunday, July 29, 2007

Theakstons even more peculiar then usual...

The artistic folk who work in the White Lion, Congleton paint their own beer-tap signs

Pigeon Detecting

On the left a view from the Telford aqueduct in Congleton. The old mill used to be home to many pigeons. Once the mill was converted to luxury flats these were evicted with use of wire anti-perching devices under the eves and other places and a dovecote was built for some doves (presumably deemed posh enough to continue living there). Now though things have moved on and the dovecote itself has been boarded up and plastic "doves" have been perched around it while the bemused real doves sit on the roof.
The pic on the right is of Longton Station - with "windows" and "doors" painted over the boards covering the holes where the real windows and doors used to be.
I'm sure all this is some sort of metaphor for our relationship to the world.

Up 'Anley duck! the locals say.. Idon't know how much better this smoking ban malarkey is for my health. My evenings now revolve around being out in all weathers with my smoking friends.

Macc canal journey nears it's start...

Boats queuing for the Harecastle tunnel...and moored in lovely Scholar Green.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Has canal culture has turned me into a literary chav?

One of the nice things about boating on the canals is the camaraderie found towards other boaters. An example of this is the completely unofficial "book exchange" which appeared (I imagine spontaneously) at the BW services at Red Bull.

Recently when I was there I looked through the usual array of thrillers and romantic Mills & Boon fodder which (along with so called "chick-lit") I have always snobbishly assumed to be, well frankly crap.

Well I've never read a thriller before but I was attracted to it by the Name - "Mark Billingham". I am familiar with the author from his stand-up comedy so I thought "a good comedian has written a crime thriller - why not give it a try?". It was in no way breaking new ground, staying very much within the sort of formula familiar on some T.V. dramas. But it was very cleverly written and absolutely gripping and, er...thrilling.

A bit like listening to a really good blues band. You've heard it all before but it doesn't stop it being excellent.

The author writes about the similarities and differences between crime writing and stand-up on his website here.


Monday, July 16, 2007

A technical hitch...

The mobile phone - from which pretty much all the photos on this site come from has died (the battery refuses to charge again). Now it's only a year and a half or so old but Panasonic don't do phones any more and I can't buy a battery! So they may be a short delay photo-wise until I sort things out.

You can still txt or call me on my usual number because I'm using an old phone with no camera (& I might not have your number any more) 07906225002

Hang loose.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Surreal Shopping

Some of the places on my travels have 24Hr Tescos. Pretty boring but they become quite surreal when you go shopping between say 2am and 4am after a decent night out and when there is about an 8-1 staff-customer ratio. I at least like to think I'm not the only one who is there for the weirdness factor.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Random Meetings

I don't know - you moor up near a town where you don't know anyone - you go into a bar for a double expresso and bump into an old friend... well as in aranged parties..

Swans - not afraid of much...