Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nantwich is Comedy Central

My favourite thing after the obvious is making music, after that, it's listening to music and very soon after that.....well I love the comedy (Radio 4 every evening at 6.30 for example, BBC 3 etc).

As well as having so much more going for it, Nantwich is playing host to some ace comedians in the near future - if you live nearby and like a laugh, check out the link at the top as well.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Boat Tour

On the 2nd aniversary (this being written 25/02/07) of me moving in, here's a few pics of "Cosmos", though bits have been improved here and there since some of these were taken.

It's been 2 years now since I moved onto this boat. A very cold day in February... The overland move by lorry from a hillside in Sheffield had already been postponed due to blizzards and even on the day itself Cosmos, then named "Fellowship No. 1" had to be dug out of a snow drift.

I waited, worrying in various pubs in Macclesfield (it was due to be craned into Macc marina) including "The Society Rooms" (Weatherspoons to you and me) where I first learnt about sociology, and the Puss in Boots opposite the marina.

After waiting hours I heard the truck had taken a wrong turn and had lost most of it's gears as it couldn't pull a big, heavy boat up the 10% inclines it found itself in (around Rainow!). Another cab was sent all the way from Leeds.

I was begining to think it would never happen and I would be homeless when it finally arrived as it was starting to get dark. Craned in watched by a very large and unusual water bird who I assume is resident (I keep meaning to look this thing up). I finally spent a fairly miserable night on board having trouble getting the heating going with only coal and nothing much to light it with and snow coming down outside. No pictures of the boat being craned in, or stranded on the back of a truck in the hills survive...but here's a boat photo-tour anyway...

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fame at Last!

Jules, the author of a blog here writes an"Ongoing diary of life in Crewe... the people, places and its politics". There is lots of stuff on Crewe Alex FC, the railways, and lots of other local issues including everything from local big-brother contestants to bi-lingual road signs plus a chance to vote for your favourite building in the town, a feature which has attracted a lot of interest in the area (see below).

I was recently in McCormicks, a lovely Nantwich coffee shop (which has been around since long before coffee became trendy again) and read a profile on Jules and his blog in the local paper, well now, as a (temporary) local person he has done a profile on me and this teenie piece of the web. Thanks Jules and all the best!

While my ego is inflated I've also written a list of some of my musical claims to fame here.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Porthole Mirror

I'm not a traditionalist by any means in boating terms but couldn't resist this bit of boat tat - a huge porthole mirror - brushed steel with a goldenish hue.


Nice cold, shinny steel.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Its 3.4o on Thursday morning. (Don't know what the time-stamp will say I think it's on U.S. time but who cares?).

I'm writing my essay for my PGCE in what might laughingly be called my "holiday" as it's the only time I have of any kind to do it....and I'm desperately trying to finish it so I can do my lesson-planning for the following week and then maybe have a few seconds of a holiday left.

God I love my job.

Ah well there’s always binge drinking...


Monday, February 12, 2007

If you don't like snow you are old and boring!

The Path over Mr T's aquaduct.

View from the Telford Aquaduct - Nantwich

My humble abode.


Not Welsh Row, Nantwich (see comments).

Sharon off "Blue Sky" sent me this photo. She was walking to work, late for the bus on the Macc canal in Scholar Green. The ducks didn't want to get onto the iced-over canal so they waddled at full speed in front of her for some miles!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

There's something amazingly evokative about a slow boat with pushing through the night or in this case the mist with its light blaring.

Big bright full Moon rising over Nantwich viewed through a starboard window. Perhaps the full moon explains all the tears, tantrums, racial bullying, violence, attention-seeking and screaming at work.

The students haven't behaved that well either.