Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nice Spiky Music

Heard "Generator" By the Holloways?

Can't get it out of my brain.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Another cosmic name - "Saturn"

Better get back to boats! - I had the honour of sailing past the historic Shropshire Union Flyboat "Saturn" - Maybe the best known canal boat in the country along with President.

Near Wheelock...



A certain 17 year old I know of (I think she ought to remain anonymous) recently declared her undying lust for Noel Edmunds.

It's not so much the age-gap that's disturbing so much as the well....

The bearded one


Red Hot

If you buy the Chili's Ace new single "Hump De Bump" you also get 2 blistering live tracks - a (probably improvised) live track and Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Both recorded from the latest ongoing tour.



Friday, May 18, 2007

Readin I'm a Needing...

I've started a link to stuff I'm reading and listening to at the moment here which I have created a link to along the right-hand column.

This is only for books and music which I have either read/listened to recently or currently and which I think are really great - so if you're curious...

Oh and this is only until I find an (easy?) way of adding a current reading list to view on the front of this blog, so any advice there would be very welcome!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

There is a House in Scholar Green....

...they call it The Rising Sun...

...and here's the unofficial landlady Holly. Now if it comes to being a "Cat Person" or a "Dog Person" I'm definitely in the feline category. I make a huge exception with Holly though who is a very exceptional little dog who knows her own mind and who is very much NOT anyone's lap-dog - in spite of evidence to the contrary.
Meeting her is believing! If you want to, get to the Sun while she's still in charge.
Phil and Tre are dead nice too (and the locals are friendly).
This is how Holly likes to sit in quieter moments by the way - back feet on my friend's lap - body on the bar.
Read more here


Friday, May 11, 2007

More for Moorings

British Waterways has had the bright idea of getting boaters to bid (& outbid) each other for the finite mooring space on the canal network. Perhaps in a few years canal-culture will look less like this...

...and more like this...


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Counting on You!

About time I put a visitor-counter on this site. Be the 5th person to log-in! (no prizes though).

Tunnel Visions.

I thought I'd avoid the usual shot you see in the boat mags of the Harecastle tunnel. Instead, here's a view from the top of the 'old' tunnel entrance, now obviously blocked off (unless you're a fish). The canal then heads off to the mid-right hand side of the photo and into the 'new'(er) tunnel entrance.

Never been through it yet but told it's wet, horrible and scary...Oh and Stoke is at the other end (sorry) so no point in going unless it's part of a longer cruise. On top of all that it's said to be haunted by "The Kisdgrove boggart"! Read a close encounter here. From what I remember of the story, in the times of cargo-carrying days a woman was given a lift through the tunnel by two bargemen, where she was decapitated.
I know some locals who say you can hear the boggart wailing some nights "...or it might be dogs".

One of Britain's most notorious killers 'The Black Panther' also commited his most heinous crime in the nearby park.

The vibes are great apart from that.

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