Saturday, March 31, 2007

Revolutionary Lunar Panel Installed!

The start of a new month sees a revolutionary new technology. I believe I am the first boater to fit a lunar panel to work in tandem with an already installed conventional solar panel.

The ground-breaking new device will allow 24 hour emission-free electrical production (providing too much cloud-cover doesn’t prevent reflected moonlight reaching the Earth). The invention from leading Scandinavian designer Olof Al Rip seems set to revolutionise power production in the 21st century in these times of great concern over greenhouse emmissions and human-induced climate change.

Olof is quoted in a press release from The Metropolital Macversity of central Croydon saying...
It’s safe mon check-it.
Respec to the Moon d’you get me?
Now we can all be lun-a-tics.


Advertising Pays

It's all rather lovely down The Boot N' Shoe.

James and Sam.

(Another drink on the house maybe?)

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Summer! (...ish)

This is the life. Pleasant enough for lounging outside.

Random Swan Pic

'Hello Swan. It's good to have you along'...


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Salford Quays

Easiest day's work of my life - basically paid to wander round Salford Quays. Wierd though, virtually no-one around.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Windy Again!

I was warned about where I'm moored....

High on an aquaduct embankment I'm getting all the wind and assorted wild-weathers that can be thrown at me (and occasionally rammed by an out of control boat).

But I love it! Last night I was lying in bed with the boat rocking and the roaps straining and creaking. For all the world it was like being on an old galleon in a wild sea-storm, especially the sounds the roaps were making.

Only the best thing is, instead of being in fear of my life - the worst thing that can happen is I get a stern look (no pun etc...) from an unfed duck in the morning. Artist's impression of a "fed-up", un-fed duck


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Me at my non-boat "home".

Well it's home once a week or so...
I've got a new healthy Sunday thing going on - having gone swimming these last 2 sundays. The last few times I swam was in the sea but it's still great fun in a pool and I'd forgotten. Especially in Chester where they have an ace slide! Weeeeooooohhh! Mind you - had a monumental hangover all day Saturday so so much for healthy!

The Toddler Effect...

Talking of Anthony Kiedis (see below). I've just read an interview with him in Blender where he says when the band started out - he knew they had something when they would play their demos outside and little toddlers would freak-out to the music (not being blighted by the music-snobbery that most adult music "fans" and musicians suffer from....)

...and this reminded me, when I first bought the lastest album, last spring, I thought I was far enough away from other boats and houses to play it on the boat full-blast and jump around like a loon unnoticed by the world. But I noticed a young family walk past and both the toddlers started going completely ape-shit to the music!

I think it was either "Storm in a Teacup" (have they ever done anything better??!!??) or "Hump De Bump".

Anyway - many people seem to think the Chili's have lost it - being too chilled, too in Love, too old, too sucessful or whatever. I don't think they're really listening, or maybe their listening to what others are saying is cool and that by definition this has to be a band that aren't the corporate giants that they've become. In terms of their own brand of funk/punk/rap/hip-hop/rock/pop/majesty/chaos/chilipepperdom - This album is as good as blood-sugar, Californication, By The Way or anything they've ever done. Rant over.



My sister gave birth to this little bundle of innocence, so I've got all the advantages of having a young child to play with without any of the obligations. Sounds good to me.

She's called Indigo.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Shoot a Chili's Video!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are asking members of the public to shoot the video via youtube for a future single release "Charlie". One of the best tracks off the new album.

Anthony Keidis on 'Charlie'; "It might be a girl's name..." Yeah right.

I think you might have to be an official "fan" (i.e. sign up to their emails) to get details.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Fellow boat-dweller MortimerBones is impressed with my knowledge of spiders. (I knew someone would be one day).


Monday, March 12, 2007

Band and Boogie in The Boot N' Shoe

XTC - occasional "house-band" of The Boot. The nice thing about them is that although they don't do original music, at least they put their own take into the songs they perform, including lots of jazz and ska influences - great fun..... and the horn section were really good.


Just "on the way home..."

Where I seem to end up most weekends since I've been in Nantwich...(Known locally as "Rat-Catchers" So much for it's up-market image then!)


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Climate Change Denial

If you intend to watch (or have watched by the time you read this) Channel 4's "The Great Global Warming Swindle", I strongly suggest that you also read this from Paul Kingsnorth's excellent blog (a proper one).


Monday, March 05, 2007

What is There Not To Love (2)

Thanks to a certain someone who sent me this pic of Holly, unofficial landlady of The Rising Sun in Kent Green, Scholar Green - Highly Recomended as I have said before in THIS post....

And I really miss this very special little mutt...


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Alcoholic Eclipse

What is there not to love?
This is Jan and Nige who run The Boot & Shoe in Nantwich, a fine establishment selling high quality cask-conditioned beers, occasional live bands, lovely staff and customers who discharge quality banter of friendly randomness and edifying philosophication (You know who you are - Colin and Evan!).
Best of all they help me in my quest to become VERY pissed every weekend.
(Can I have another free Baileys now please?)


Lunar Eclipse

Great Lunar eclipse last night - the traditional cloudy skies which normally accompany any visual astral phenomina diclined to spoil the show for a change.