Monday, April 16, 2007

It's time!

The most important signs on the network...


The Macc Canal Is Gorgeous. You must go there NOW!

In places anyway. It's absolutely stunning around kent Green. This is a view near Ramsdell Hall in Kent Green (oldest part and an offshoot of Scholar Green).


Ramsdell Hall

Ramsdell Hall overlooks the canal here. (We're now on the Macclesfield canal by the way).

Someone says the guy who owns Stoke City football club lives here.


Heritage Marina

I live at this marina for about 3 years.
They didn't sell beers and wines then though!
(Advertised on the sign on the left)


On top of the roof/world/cosmos - Day 3

Happy to arrive in gorgeous Scholar Green.

Red Bull

Moored near Red

Bull, from some woods opposite and near the Cheshire/Staffordshire border. If you like flowers I photos these frittilaries for my little nature-site, growing nearby the next day.

Life in the slow lane - Day 2

The double locks of "The Cheshire Locks" or "Heartbreak Hill" depending on who you ask.
The M6 speeds behind Cosmos and the canalside cafe "Lock 57" is nearby (as is The Romping Donkey pub).


Flash Harr Arrr!

From the upper section of the Middlewich branch of the Shropshire Union to the Trent & Mersey during the first few miles between Middlewich and Wheelock , there are views of some of the lakes or so-called (in Cheshire) "Flashes" including one of the Winsford Flashes and Sandbach Flashes.
This pic is of part of the Sandbach flashes.
I moored in Wheelock at about 9pm that evening.


Middlewich Salt

It all gets a bit industrial around Middlewich and Sandbach (Middlewich is a canal town and the Trent and Mersey canal which now heads eastwards skirts Sandbach).
"Wich" means salt or salt-town as far as I can remeber. Cheshire is full of salt-towns and the white mass to the left of this photo is a hill-range of salt in Middlewich.



A nice woody section not far north of the Venetian marina. Full of woodpeckers and stuff.

Wimbolsey wood a bit further north still is a place me and some close friends camped one night. Every day's a learning day and that day (night) we learned don't camp in a swampy wood if you don't enjoy being attacked by mosquitoes all night. They may never have come across human before so they feasted with considerable vigour. The following morning was silent until a single crow officially announced the dawn and the other birds were only then aloud to join in. All a bit weird really. Oh and the railway line was some tens of meters away but when some late-night trains went through it was difficult to convince ourselves we weren't about to be sliced up by a train.


Venetian Marina

...on the Middlewich branch of the Shroppie. See another photo from last May here.



A brood of 14 ducklings at Barbridge.


Cruising again! Day 1.

Leaving Nantwich S-bending around the permanent moorers.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

One Of Our Hire-Craft Are Missing!

Boat-Blogger GrannyButtons reports the unlikely-seeming story that a hire-boater has stolen the trad-boat "Holly" from Middlewich Narrowboats. It seems from the comments page though that there may be good reason to be concerned for the safety of the holiday-maker in question.

Talking of Middlewich - stay tuned for photos on my cruise from Nantwich to The Macclesfield Canal via Middlewich, Wheelock, Kidsgrove etc. How exciting. Bet you can't wait!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bye Bye Nantwich :(

My last mooring in in this town - boo hoo :( :( :(

Love You Nantwich. Met some really nice people since I've been here.

Will be back maybe in late May or June.


124 Hour Party People.

I had to stay here long enough for the so called "Nantwich Blues, Jazz and Music Festival" (Are not Blues and Jazz music too?). Had a great time - lots of great music, dancing and even beer beer beer!


Classic working boats.

At Easter loads of traditional working boats pass by twice - on the way, and the way back from some gathering in Chester. This is the F.M.C. boat"Minnow".


Boating again!

Boating again in the nice weather. Up the Shroppie towards Audlem.

The Shroppie Fly

I've been around Nantwich so long that some of the permanent mooring boaters kindly here invited me to a cruise and musical night here at The Shroppie Fly. I missed a really good night though because of technical hitches with the boat electrics. Poo. (I won't bore you with the details!)

"What??! We boat bloggers only like the technical details!!!"