Sunday, February 25, 2007

Boat Tour

On the 2nd aniversary (this being written 25/02/07) of me moving in, here's a few pics of "Cosmos", though bits have been improved here and there since some of these were taken.

It's been 2 years now since I moved onto this boat. A very cold day in February... The overland move by lorry from a hillside in Sheffield had already been postponed due to blizzards and even on the day itself Cosmos, then named "Fellowship No. 1" had to be dug out of a snow drift.

I waited, worrying in various pubs in Macclesfield (it was due to be craned into Macc marina) including "The Society Rooms" (Weatherspoons to you and me) where I first learnt about sociology, and the Puss in Boots opposite the marina.

After waiting hours I heard the truck had taken a wrong turn and had lost most of it's gears as it couldn't pull a big, heavy boat up the 10% inclines it found itself in (around Rainow!). Another cab was sent all the way from Leeds.

I was begining to think it would never happen and I would be homeless when it finally arrived as it was starting to get dark. Craned in watched by a very large and unusual water bird who I assume is resident (I keep meaning to look this thing up). I finally spent a fairly miserable night on board having trouble getting the heating going with only coal and nothing much to light it with and snow coming down outside. No pictures of the boat being craned in, or stranded on the back of a truck in the hills survive...but here's a boat photo-tour anyway...

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