Sunday, February 05, 2012

Songs of the waterways

I wrote this song, as with so many, on the boat on a classical guitar. I remember the writing process very well with this one, looking out of the window on a dark evening. I was also in a very dark place and writing this was part of the healing process.


Blogger Carrie said...

Hey - lovely song. Hope the grey cloud has lifted for you.

10:07 am  
Blogger JayTee said...

Thanks Carrie. I hope you are happy and well. The clouds have lifted thanks!.. If you are really bored you can read my music blog at for news on my musical projects. Hope to bump into you again one day soon x

12:23 pm  
Anonymous Albert @ said...

What a very beautiful song! I can feel the emotion. Do write more songs because you really do have talent.

4:57 am  
Blogger JayTee said...

Hi Albert, sorry I have only just noticed your comment here. Yes I write many, many songs. There are links to my recorded music, my live shows and my ponderings on my life as a musician at you can listen to and if you like download my last 2 albums or order a CD via
Thanks for the comment Albert I really appreciate it.
All the best,

6:21 am  

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