Friday, August 21, 2009

You spin me right 'round baby....

Well after years of boating with nothing stuck round my prop so seriously as to make me have to stop and weed it out from the hatch, I get 2 incidents within a couple of weeks....the last one was my fault - my back rope went into the prop...DOH!

....and earlier in the month I became closely acquainted with this keepnet...or what had been a keepnet.
Random hacking with a sharp knife did the trick eventually, though the metal parts took some time!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey jaytee, how are things with you. Prolific blogging as usual I see :-D How's the band progressing - and any gigs coming up in the Cheshire area?
Carrie x

11:35 pm  
Blogger JayTee said...

Hi Carrie. We are working on material and should be booking full gigs in 2010 but are doing support slots and the like in the meantime. Next one is Saturday (Nov 28th) at the Sandbach Xmas lights switch on concert!...3ish I'm told.

I hope all is well aboard the good ship Blackbird?
jt x

4:48 am  
Blogger Carrie said...

All's well with me, ta. I'm at Bollington, heading slowly back to my New Mills mooring and the boat blacking in December. I quite fancied coming over to Sandbach to see the ligts-up gig but the bus/train situation looks a bit awkward for dog travelling. Hopefully another time. But good luck for tomorrow!
Carrie x

5:57 am  
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