Monday, June 04, 2007

Venetian Marina (Not miserable gits like most)

Felt a bit guilty the other day...was sitting in the venetian marina cafe with a couple of friends saying how marina staff are notoriously grumpy know-alls who generally charge massively inflated prices to their largely "captive" audience of customers...

I needed their services - a friendly bloke from RCR informed me some of my batteries are in terminal (ha haaa) decline and have only had the appearance of some life though constant stroking from my solar panels...

Anyroadup (I was born in Yorkshire so I'm allowed to use the phrase) - the staff were very friendly and helpful and even insisted on delivering the said batteries themselves personally, there and then (this was after usual opening hours and were only still there because they'd been unloading all day from Crick). So I can't recommend them highly enough....Hats off etc...

It's all a bit confusing because I think there are two separate chandleries there - the one I'm referring to used to be Aqafax I think. The "other" one, facing the canal is also well worth a look as upstairs is a cornucopia of 2nd hand boating gear.



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